What is parawood?

What is Parawood?

Parawood, also known as rubber wood, is a true hardwood from the maple family that offers many benefits for furniture manufactures. Parawood products offer premium quality and excellent value propositions for both furniture manufacturers and the end customers of their tables built. 

  • Density 7+ (Ash 8, Birch 7) 
  • Strength Group B6 (Same strength group as maple) 

Parawood is a very durable material. As a true hardwood, parawood is less venerable to splitting or damage during shipping as compered to lower quality pine products. 

Better for Painting

Parawood is a superior product for painted furniture. The wood, mostly free of knots and oils, provides a remarkably consistent finished product that cannot be replicated with softwoods or even other most domestic hardwoods. 

Parwood also stains similarly to maple. Pigment stains are recommended over penetrating stains because of the nature of the material. 

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