Collaborative Marking Programs from Design 59 - Design59

Collaborative Marking Programs from Design 59

Design 59 offer a chance to be featured on our social channels via posting finished content on Instagram. If you would like the chance to be featured in the program all you need to do is use the #Design59Legs and tag @Design59Legs on your content posts. 

Benefits of being featured

  • Organic exposure to our retail following 
  • A minimum of $50 on advertising spend in your local market 
  • Cross channel marketing on other platforms such as Pinterest 
  • You keep the entirety of Amazon Affiliate program dollars should you be a participant 

Benefit from our industry leading marketing and reputation with collaborative posts without spending your own capital on PPC. 


Do you offer supplies free to influencers? 

- All customers are offered the same pricing structure for a fair playing field. There are no preferential customers. 

Will the Design 59 marketing team automatically post my table if I tag them in a post? 

-Design 59 does not guarantee that by tagging our social accounts you will earn a feature. Our marketing team looks for high quality content and reputable vendors to share posts with. 

Does this program apply your upholstery lines? 

-Design 59 does not extend the terms of this program to sofa legs or upholstery at this time. 

Does Design 59 vouch for the quality of the products features and the vendors selling these products? 

-Design 59 does not make any claims towards the products and services of the posts featured

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